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Strategic partnerships, international expansion support, customized Financial solutions. No bureaucracy, quick action. Individual approach to every situation to ensure best tailored solutions.

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About Us

We are a team of experts with different, but complementary backgrounds, working very closely with our partners. Because of our independency, yet close relationships with our partners, we provide highly customized solutions to our customers fast. We deal with companies, governments, and individuals. We are not boxed into any specific financing structure or bureaucratic frame. We always work on case-by-case approach and while general rules apply, we treat each customer as a unique case.

Our Customers

Strategy based on trust

Our strategy is based on our ability to be efficient and, in most cases, avoid excessive bureaucratic steps.

Low Cost for our customers

Being a small company ourselves and keeping main power with our partners, we are also able to do what we do at minimal cost to our customers.

Confidentiality of our agreements

All of our client projects are a subject to the highest levels of confidentiality.

global coverage

Our Services

Project Financing

Strategic partnership and/or financing of M&A, construction, special purpose projects.

International Expansion

We partner with companies and governments to support International Expansion to Africa, Middle East, the Americas.

Solutions for Municipalities

We facilitate solutions ranging from Security and Defense, to Waste treatment and Renewable Energy solutions.

Solutions for Individuals

We help not only Business needs, but also those of Individuals. Our solutions are highly customized and always solve the issues at hand.


Our Customers

Our customer database is highly confidential. Our relationship with you will be confidential too.

always behind the change

Grey Cardinal helping companies gain momentum.

The ability to gain right connections in the right places in the right time cannot be underestimated. Grey Cardinal helps with finding perfect Strategic Partnership opportunities worldwide.

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Fees and expense categories

Plans are better than just an estimate.

  • Highly competitive success-based fees
  • Initial Fee and Expense Coverage, where applicable, in accordance to inustry standards
  • Cost plans, tailored to individual cases
  • ...
Excellence is never an accident. It represents the wise choice of many alternatives. Choice, not chance, determines your destiny.
Malika E. Nura

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